Sophie’s classes create freedom in the body and mind, allowing you to soften and experience expansive stillness. She brings extensive anatomical knowledge and bio-mechanical understanding of alignment to her instruction, allowing students to open in ways they didn't think they could!


Sophie challenges people to re-awaken their muscles and work tenaciously, she supports students in cultivating deep physical awareness with an underlying emphasis on self-care and the therapeutic benefit of each pose. Fluid, dynamic sequencing is balanced with restorative postures, and students are encouraged to move with full breath and uplifting intention.


Classes are tailored to the client’s body and health, ranging from invigorating and physically absorbing Vinyasa flows to deep soothing stretches that help safely cultivate strength, coordination, and flexibility.

Sophie puts great focus on breath control to soothe the nervous system (Pranayama), as well as deep muscle engagement to tone connective tissue (Bandas), and meditative movements to calm the mind. Most importantly she aims to empower people through developing their ability to relax.


Sophie trained with Katie Appleton and is fully qualified to teach Pre and Post Natal yoga. She offers private classes as well as running a Pregnancy class on Mondays.  Each experience of Pregnancy is precious, sacred and different. Sophie understands that, so is sensitive to each individual’s needs and concerns.

Having a regular yoga practice during a pregnancy is a wonderful way of preparing for the birth through creating stamina, strength, maintaining balance and supporting nervous system. With emphasis on breath work and space, Sophie's classes give mothers to be, a moment to pause and have some quiet time for themselves.

Sophie is dedicated to supporting you though the transition into motherhood. Using a mixture of nurturing Pranayama (breath work), Asana (yoga poses), Pilates, Pelvic floor work, Restorative yoga and Mantra (sound work).

Importantly if you plan to come to the group classes please make sure are over 13 weeks and have consulted a doctor.


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